Vincent McCartney of Holborn Studios addressing the Friends of Regents Canal regarding the latest planning application:

“Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more” or more appropriately “Seconds out – round two!”

London largest developer Galliard Homes, under the thin disguise of Executec Ltd and GHL (Eagle Wharf) Ltd have now become the second developer which aspires to demolish Holborn Studios and do away with 350 much needed jobs.

All the Holborn Studios buildings are locally listed and they are all within to Regents Canal Conservation Area.  Holborn Studios is the oldest and largest family owned Studio complex in Europe and within its Studios literally millions of iconic images have been created since 1979 by the world’s leading image makers.

Galliard Homes have applied for planning permission to demolish most of our buildings.  They have plans to provide commercial spaces which we have proved cannot be used as moving image and stills studios, which would be dangerous and hazardous to the safety of workers and visitors.

They intend to build 48 luxury canal side apartments and 12 affordable flats on the site whilst retaining the bare minimum of the original buildings in a vain attempt to cheat the Hackney Planners.

And what did we do to warrant such a vicious attack?

We completely renovated large derelict buildings under a continuous process since 1989 to create excellent Studios and some very pleasant office accommodation.  There are 350 people working at the Eagle Wharf complex at the moment.

With British Waterways we were responsible for the construction of a sixth of a mile of pontoonage which helped to regenerate the area back in 1999.

We have provided an interesting and friendly place alongside the Canal for people to work in and visit.

Galliard Homes have recently taken on a new partner from Singapore, Oxley Holdings Ltd and a joint venture partner from Connecticut, Cain Hoy Enterprises.  Between them they are worth countless billions of pounds or dollars and they are developing over a million square feet of Islington and Shoreditch right now.