There are two ways to object to the planning application and we urge you to do both if you have time.

 Firstly by filling in the form on the opening page of our website, we will forward all of the messages to Hackney Council in due course:

Secondly by clicking the link below to the comments section on Hackney Council's planning site:

Any objections/comments made need to be on valid planning grounds, here are some suggestions:

  • The reconfiguration of commercial floorspace would not be suitable for the existing businesses which operate from the site including Holborn Studios and around 25 other firms which make a valuable contribution to the primary employment area and to the wider creative and media industry in Hackney.
  • The proposed development is a clear attempt to replace the existing, functional and viable floorspace which supports a cluster of light industrial and ancillary office uses with standard office accommodation which is inappropriate for the site specific characteristics and its location. Large office developments are more suitable in areas of higher public transport accessibility levels.
  • Despite the applicant’s proposal to provide 10% of the reconfigured floorspace at affordable rents (precise terms to be negotiated) the proposed development would have the effect of reducing the stock of affordable and small units by driving out the existing cluster of creative and media firms presently operating from the site, to the detriment of the vitality of these industries in the borough.
  • The proposed development seeks to introduce a significant amount of residential development into a primary employment area on the basis that it is necessary to make the quantum of proposed employment floorspace viable. The current occupancy levels of the existing commercial floorspace and consistent demand is evidence that it is viable.
  • The site was added to the local list in 2014, and is noted as being a Building of Townscape Merit which contributes to the character and appearance of the conservation area. As an industrial complex, and local landmark, the site is closely linked with the Regents Canal and is a disappearing building type, with similar sites along the Canal having been redeveloped. The proposals would undermine this relationship with the conservation area, the character and appearance of which would be harmed by the proposals.  

Thanks for taking the time to help out.