Dear Friend,
In recent days some of you may have seen an email from Hackney Council regarding a planning application made by the landlords of 49-50 Eagle Wharf Road, Galliard Homes, for the the demolition and redevelopment of the site. The planning application has been referred to the planning sub-committee and it is scheduled to be discussed and decided next Wednesday 6th July at 6.30pm.
So far we have taken no action to draw your attention to this meeting as we were informed by HS that they were trying to get the meeting postponed on the grounds that only 6 working days notice was given to read through hundreds of pages of new documents and reports. The planning officer has denied this request.
Whilst HS feel that there is enough evidence to support the claim that this application be rejected, it would be great if as many of us Friends as possible could attend to offer support. At the meeting only 5 minutes is allocated between all people that wish to speak against the application so HS will nominate one or two speakers to voice all concerns. Local ward councilors are also allowed to speak and have been encouraged to do so. We urge you to email them as well to really get the message across:
The application itself is fraught with problems. It falsely claims that HS are in consultation with the landlord to deliver a new project, offers no affordable housing for the borough and provides unusable commercial space as replacement for the space HS currently occupy. HS also believe there are deliberate attempts by the applicant to deceive the planning officer.
In the meantime if you would like to contact the planning officer for more details or to comment on the application please feel free to do so. The planning application number is 2015/2596 and the planning officer can be contacted here:
If you can attend the meeting on Wednesday evening it would be great to see as many of you as possible. HS are arranging transport from Eagle Wharf Road to the town hall at 5.45pm, please reply to this email if you would like a place. If you are making your own way the details are:

July 6th 2016 18.30pm
Hackney Town Hall,
Mare Street,
London E8 1EA
Thanks again for all your support with this.